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Fred Santos is CEO of Rocket Holding, Marketing Specialist, Business Development and Franchising. Founder of the Vale do Silício and Rocket Group, the advertiser created and developed six technology franchises, making his Group one of the largest technology conglomerates working on the franchise model in the world.

His companies have become major franchisors, totaling more than 400 units present in the six continents, in countries like Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Mozambique, Angola, Venezuela, Japan, Australia and the United States.

The executive also pioneered the creation of a site development plataform called Liguesite, which has become the largest digital agency franchise in the world and the largest Google product seller in Latin America.

With his own business expansion methodology, called N8, Fred led the creation of more than 70 companies that generated dozens of success stories.


Passionate about marketing, Fred studied advertising in São Paulo and applied what he learned in his own business. The executive has already created advertising agencies and publishers, such as Editora Cores, FHS & Melo and Click Gráfica. He is currently a partner at Doze Comunicação, an agency that has served companies like Johnson & Johnson and the Caesar Park hotel chain. He is also responsible for structuring all the merchandising, advertising and promotions of the companies he expands.


With a unique life experience, at 37 Fred has already created and developed with his partners more than 60 businesses in different countries. He has learned a lot from the failure of 18 of these deals, but has recorded a success rate of 70% among companies sold or still participating.
Passing through the processes of starting a business, having to overcome difficulties, working with and without money, breaking, starting over and dealing with expansion, he had the opportunity to improve himself as few people had.


Fred became a specialist in franchise formatting and business expansion, franchising his first business on under the mentorship of Marcelo Martins, an award-winning specialist in the field and owner of one of the largest chocolate chain stores in the world, the Cacau Show. The executive was also responsible for creating and developing six technology franchise networks, making his group one of the largest conglomerates of technology franchises in the world, considered at that time.


Throughout his career, Fred Santos founded and developed several successful companies that were part of his story before being sold. Know some of these deals:

Liguesite is the largest digital marketing franchise in the world, with more than 130 units in several countries. The company sells technology and digital products in scale and, among the franchises, is the largest partner of Google in Latin America, receiving for three years in a row the Excellence in Franchises Award in Brazil.

Bye Bye Paper is a document scanning and management and digital content company. It opened more than 50 points of sale in its first year of activity as a franchise and now has more than 120 offices spread across 22 states of Brazil, which makes Bye Bye Paper one of the largest networks of technology franchises in the world.

Vale do Silício Group was founded by Fred and responsible for the great franchise networks creation in Brazil in the technology area. The Group was founded in 2011 and in its second year has already earned 12 million. Learn more about the franchises created by the group:

Founded in 1999, Editora Cores was a publisher of magazines, newspapers, books, maps and guides that managed several publications, with several hundred thousand copies published, among them the Guia Casa & Construção and Promoguia, an important regional guide published in the seventh largest city in the world, São Paulo.

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In addition to being an entrepreneur, Fred Santos is a writer and a speaker, and has already performed several presentations in Brazil and the United States.Addressing such robust issues as “Resilience,” “How to Undertake in the Real World,” “Do you Want to Buy with Me?,” and “40 Companies Later,” Fred has already shared his knowledge with many businessmen and entrepreneurs around the world.


Check out some of Fred Santos’ articles published in different media in Brazil and in the United States.


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